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Cosmetic Raw Materials

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O/W Nonionic Complex Cosmetic Emulsifier for Moisturizing Products Formulation

Cosmetic Raw Materials


O/W Nonionic Complex Cosmetic Emulsifier for Moisturizing Products Formulation

Cosmetic Grade O/W Nonionic Complex Emulsifier for Moisturizing Products Formulation BAREMUL-12 1. PRODUCT INFORMATION 1.1 PRODUCT NAME:BAREMUL-12 1.2 INCI NAME:Glycereth-20 Stearate;Isosteareth-20; Isoceteth...    Read More
2016-08-25 12:00:03

Natural Vitamin E Beads Tocopherol Cellulose Cosmetic Raw Materials Insoluble in water

Natural Vitamin E Beads Tocopherol Cellulose Cosmetic Raw Materials with Factory Price BARENATE VE 20/40 40/60 PRODUCT NAME: BARNATE VE COLOR PARTICLES 20/40 40/60 (Green/Yellow/Red/Blue/Pink/Violet) INCI NAME: ...    Read More
2016-08-25 12:00:03

Cosmetic Grade Self Activation Organic Bentonite Clay Powder , High Effective Organobentonite

Cosmetic Grade Self-activation Organice Bentonite Powder,A High Effective Organobentonite BARENATE OT-48 PRODUCT NAME: BARENATE OT-48 INCI NAME: Bentonite INTRODUCTION: BARENATE OT-48 is a high effective ...    Read More
2016-08-25 12:00:03

Alumina Magnesium Metasilicate Cosmetic Raw Materials CAS No 71205-22-6

Cosmetic MAS - MAGNESIUM ALUMINUM SILICATE Alumina Magnesium Metasilicate, Powder BARENATE MAS PRODUCT NAME: BARENATE MAS INCI NAME: Alumina Magnesium Metasilicate CAS No. : 71205-22-6 INTRODUCTION: BARENATE ...    Read More
2016-08-25 12:00:03

Thickening Aent Acrylates Copolymer for Skin Care / Hair Care / Shaving Cream

Thickening Aent Acrylates Copolymer Cosmetic Raw Materials in Skin Care, Hair Care, Shaving Cream BARENATE GEL 11 PRODUCT NAME:BARENATE GEL11 INCI NAME: Acrylates Copolymer INTRODUCTION: With excellent water ...    Read More
2016-08-25 12:00:03

Cosmetic Grade Glyceryl PolyMethacrylate Cosmetic Raw Materials Liquid Thickening Agent

Cosmetic Raw Materials Glyceryl PolyMethacrylate Cosmetic Grade Liquid Thickening Agent BARENATE OIL PRODUCT NAME: BARENATE OIL INCI NAME: GLYCERYL POLYMETHACRYLATE INTRODUCTION: BARENATE OIL is a kind of ...    Read More
2016-08-25 12:00:03

Soluble Emulsifier Cosmetic Raw Material Transparent Oily Liquid 5 - 8 PH

Cosmetic Raw Material Liquid Emulsifier Oil In Water,Emulsion Oil, Soluble Emulsifier PRODUCT NAME:BAREMUL ML INCI NAME: Isosteareth-20 / Sorbitan Sesquioleate CAS No.: 52292-17-8; 8007-43-0 INTRODUCTION: This ...    Read More
2016-08-23 15:06:24

Cosmetic emulsifiers in cosmetics Raw Materials Oil in Water Emulsion Methyl Gluceth -20 Isosteareth -20

Cosmetic Raw Materials Emulsifier, Oil in Water Emulsion, Methyl Gluceth-20 Isosteareth-20 1. PRODUCT INFORMATION 1.1 PRODUCT NAME:BAREMUL SQE-21 1.2 INCI NAME:Methyl Gluceth-20;Isosteareth-20;Isoceteth-20 1.3 ...    Read More
2016-08-23 15:06:24

Natural Plant Source Emulsifier Cosmetic Raw Materials Liquid Emulsifier For Cream / Lotion

Natural Plant Source Emulsifier, Water in Oil Emulsion, Liquid Emulsifier For Cream and Lotion BAREMUL-18 PRODUCT NAME: BAREMUL-18 INCI NAME: Isosteareth-2/Sorbitan Sesquioleate/ CETYL PEG/PPG-10/1 DIMETHICONE ...    Read More
2016-08-23 15:06:24

Synthetic Oil Glycereth-26 natural oil in water emulsifier Raw Materials

Factory Price Synthetic Oil Glycereth-26 Cosmetic Raw Materials, Emollient, Moisturizer BARENATE EG-1 PRODUCT:BARENATE EG-1 INCI NAME: Glycereth-26 CAS No:31694-55-0 DESCRIPTION: BARENATE EG-1 is derivate from ...    Read More
2016-08-23 15:06:24
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